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Company Profile

Techno group evolved from the parent company, Techno Engineering Services; an ISO 9000-14000 certified integrated engineering and construction company serving in the oil and gas sector, infrastructure development and water and power sector.

Techno Group is a multi solution provider being regional and international conglomerate giant in infrastructure and a key player in the oil and gas and power sector.

Techno is operating in different business sectors. Its core business consists of EPC projects.

In the oil and gas development sector two sister concerned companies are working:

Techno Petroleum provides services in the oil and gas production and exploration (E & P) sector.

S.A.S Pvt. Ltd. provides services in the oil and gas drilling sector.

In the infrastructure development sector, Techno provides multi solutions from highways to bridges to construction projects. These multi solutions are provided by two companies.

Techno Engineering Services � the parent company of techno group provides services in various fields.

Techno Infrastructure Development provides services in the civil works and construction sector. In the power generation sector two companies of techno group are working.

Techno Energy is engaged in hydropower generation pursuits to mitigate the power shortage in the country. Thermal and wind energy projects are underway in various parts of the country.

Techno E-Power is engaged vigorously in harmonizing and exploring power generation by all possible means.
Apart from these organizations techno is involved in manufacturing of steel pipes at Shashi Steel Works Pvt. Ltd.

It has matured to an organization known for its quality, reliability and competitiveness.